Asclepius is the Greek god of medicine and doctors; son of Apollo; he represents the healing aspect of the medical arts




  1. Children of Asclepius have the ability to rapidly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major, but non-fatal, wounds.


  1. Children of Asclepius possess an accelerated rate of healing than the average mortal or demigod.
  2. Children of Asclepius can perceive anatomical structures and functions by empathetically feeling others’ ailments or conditions within one’s own body, shifting one’s vision to see a vague outline or overlay of the subject’s anatomy, or the like; instead of perceiving them instinctively. They can also intuitively detect bodily anomalies and assess them to diagnose biological issues, such as disease, internal bleeding, etc. However, their perceptions may not always be accurate.


  1. Children of Asclepius have the ability to release pain-suppressing hormones from one's body (i.e. histamine, morphine, endorphin, etc.) in order to alleviate/numb pain and make it tolerable, allowing them to think clearly and continue to move despite grievous injury. Conversely, the occurrence of local or general anesthesia may render an opponent unable to hold objects. The effects only last for a short time, and the pain felt may intensify thereafter. The greater the change in hormones, the more it drains the user.

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  1. Children of Asclepius are inclined to become skilled doctors and surgeons.