Basic Info
Full Name Caesey Jocson Ongsee
Pronunciation Key-see
Meaning "Alert, vigilant, brave (Casey)"
Born August 23rd, 1997
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Species Demigod
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive
Zodiac Sign Leo
Chinese Sign Pig/Boar
Element Fire


In the Chinatown of Manila, called Ongpin, lived a simple man named Bernardino Ongsee. He is of Chinese descent from his father. He owns a small herbal medicine pharmacy a few walks from the famous Binondo Church. Although his herbal medicine didn't sell much, he still has sidelines like helping out in a Chinese eatery there. On that place he met a beautiful woman: Mnemosyne in the guise of a pretty Filipina. She said she lost her wallet and that she was very hungry. Bernardino happily treated her for some Chinese cuisine. On that day their friendship started. Mnemosyne introduced herself as Carina, a simple person who lived at Tondo, Manila. After a few weeks their feelings became intimate and eventually became a couple. But Bernardino's parents told that their wedding will have to wait for some time. During this time, they had an affair. Once his parents knew Carina was pregnant, they have no choice but for the couple to live separately from them. After some months Carina gave birth to a handsome child which they named Caesey. Shortly after his birth, Carina left them, leaving Bernardino heartbroken and had no choice but to go back to his parents. He was raised well and cared a lot. He studied at a private school in Manila. There, he was flocked by girls and was a general crush. Bernardino, seeing that living in the Philippines is hard for him and Caesey was hard, he decided to leave for the United States and live there with his brother and Caesey's uncle, Saturino. They left the day after Caesey's thirteenth birthday and arrived at New York hours later. He thought that he will have a better life in the States but unbeknownst to him, his life will change for the worse. At first, he thought that Saturino was a very kind uncle but as weeks passed, he showed his true colors. He was gay. Yeah, gay. There are times when he would touch him, which Caesey avoided. There are also times he would invite him to watch X-rated gay films, but Caesey refused also. Then there are times he beats him up, locks him in his room while Bernardino is away for work. He does everything to make Caesey's life painful and miserable. Things got worse, and Saturino moved from touching to actual rape. He beat Caesey up first with his fists, then a hard stick then banged his head on the wall. From there he did the crime. Caesey's hands were tied up to prevent him from escaping. Caesey resisted and tried to kick his head. But his uncle won't relent his advances. Caesey screamed for help, but no one heard his cries. Saturino eventually did it. Caesey was left there, crying from pain and trauma. Bernardino came home, and saw what happened to him. He was angry at his brother for doing such a thing so he called the police and he was brought to jail. Caesey was brought to the social worker for debriefing and counseling. Bernardino was told that he should be left there to be monitored. For the next days, his condition didn't get any better. Afterwards he was brought to the psychiatrist and was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder. News came to his father, and he was greatly saddened. He had no choice but to surrender him there. He was alone most of the time but sometimes he goes into tantrums. He was the least liked because of his temper and avoided by the other children. Even though he has the disorder, he can still think clearly. He planned to escape, even though he doesn't know the way home. He packed his things on a small bag and ran away. Unfortunately, he got beat up again by some gangsters and left injured at the streets. He regained consciousness and continued to run away. He hoped that he will find his dad. He didn't know where he was, but he stumbled upon Long Island Sound. After resting, he heard the sound of gnashing teeth and growling. That's when he saw a hellhound with its piercing eyes at him. He was scared and ran for the forest to hide. But the hellhound chased after him. He ran and ran, deeper into the forest. Then he saw lit torches and an arch with the words "Camp Half-Blood" on it. He thought it was a campsite and ran straight for it. There he bumped into a satyr, who was startled to see him. There he was asked. Then the satyr realized he was a demigod so he gave him a tour around camp. He was claimed by Mnemosyne, his mother, afterwards.

Background Info
Hometown Manila, Philippines
Type of Childhood Loved at early childhood, abused at later years
Most Important Childhood Event None
Religious Views Roman Catholic
Earliest Memory He dreamed of all of his drawings coming alive.
Firsts WIP

Family Info
Mother Mnemosyne
Father Bernardino "Bernard" Ongsee
Uncle Saturino Ongsee
Half-Siblings Mnemosyne's Cabin


Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Height 5'5"
Weight 115 lbs
Nationality Filipino (nearing American)
Native Language Tagalog
Ethnicity Philippines
Accent Rhotic (when speaking English)
Handedness Left-handed
Shoe Size 9 1/2
Blood Type B-
Voice Bass
Eye Sight 20/20
Skin Tone Fair
Languages Spoken Tagalog
Health Status Has Borderline personality disorder but physically healthy
Abilities Speedy reflexes
Clothing Style Thin shirts
Sneakers or rubber shoes
Distinguishing Marks None
Body Style Average
Gait Toeing out


General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames Caes
Current Location Camp Half-Blood
Mnemosyne's Cabin
Pets -
Likes Being alone

Quiet Drawing Writing

Dislikes Too much noise

Abusive people

Fears/Phobias Abandonment


Hobbies Drawing

Folding paper

Motto None
Things He Won't Do Forgive his uncle
Person He Secretly Admires WIP
Most Influenced By Friends
Most Important Person Before Camp Himself
Most Important Person Now Himself
Immediate Goals None
Long Term Goals Completely escape his miserable life

Vices Lethargic at times
Bad Habits Hot-headed
Sleeping Habits Sleeps quietly
Quirks WIP

Dream Job WIP
Current Job Member of Mnemosyne's Cabin
Quirks Plays with his fingers

Colour Light shades of blue
Music Pop, OPM
Food Filipino, Chinese


Animal None
Book Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas (The Favorite Book of Judas)



Skills Adept with most kinds of knives

Good at speed writing

Weapon of Choice An enchanted notebook in the form of a Death Note
Strengths Offensive, Speed
Weaknesses Defensive, Stamina
Quests Led None
Quests Been On None
Being a child of Mnemosyne, he:
  1. has the ability to read/write weapons out of pure energy which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than him.
  2. has the ability to read/write a miniature version of a monster into existence which will fight along side him for a short time; the monster is much weaker than its real counterpart would be.
  3. has the ability to read/write a shield of pure energy, roughly two to three times the size of him, which will blunt most attacks but slows his movement.
  4. has the ability to revert time around him for a short duration in order to dodge an attack that was unforeseen.
  5. can see a few seconds into the future; allowing him to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring his sight at times.
  6. has the ability to view the specific past of a person’s life.
  7. has the ability to travel back and forth in time, but he is unable to interact with or change past events; he is only able to see the events play out. When he goes forward in time he only see “possible” futures, that does not mean those future events will come to pass.
  8. has excellent memories.
  9. usually struggle at dyslexia at a lesser extent because his mother is goddess of the written word.
  10. often finds it easy to learn other languages, as his mother is the goddess of language.
  11. makes a good writer.

General Personality
His personality is a bit complicated because he has mild Borderline personality disorder. He has unstable self-image of himself, mild suicidal behavior, unstable control of anger, unstable mood and impulsivity. When he has stupors, he can be dangerous. He has the temper but tries to control it. He always questions himself mostly with negative questions, which doesn't help his current situation. Even mild shots of sedatives don't work. If he overdoses, he'll be on great risk.

As sedatives don't work, he is left alone until he calms down. But this is another problem as his disorder includes frantic efforts to avoid abandonment. He can be a real pain but he's smart and somehow fun to be with, if you're able to be friends with him. He got this personality disorder after repeated abuses from his uncle. But before that, he was a cheerful guy. He still retains some of his old self, but he was never the same.

Reacts to a Crisis? Calmly but reckless
Face Their Problems? Negatively faces it
Reacts to Change He quickly adapts to changes
Alignment Neutral to Negative

Attitude Short tempered
Personality Complicated
Talents Drawing and penmanhsip
Social Skills Average to Low
Mannerisms Playing with his fingers
Peculiarities Impulsiveness, slashes his wrist sometimes in which he is used to

One Word to Describe Pessimist
Best Physical Trait Face
Worst Physical Trait Legs
Things to Change About Self To have temperance
Mental State Slightly unbalanced
Mental/Emotional Disorders Borderline personality disorder
Emotional Stability Less normal

Greatest Fear Abandonment
Most at Ease When? Alone and writing
Priorities WIP
Past Failures Unable to protect himself
Biggest Accomplishment None
Darkest Secret Had a rough late childhood
Secret Known by Anyone? No
Personal Tragedy WIP
Outlook on Life 60% Negative, 40% Positive
One Wish WIP
Character Flaw Low self-esteem


Today My Life Begins by Bruno Mars

Maroon 5 - Payphone ft

Maroon 5 - Payphone ft. Wiz Khalifa LYRICS

Even though the song is kinda lively, it still tells his sole purpose now: to live a better life after all the hardships he endured. Like said in his personality, despite that he has a personality disorder, deep inside, he still wants to change. He wants to bring back his old self and be the person he was before, and even better. Even though the memory of his past life is still fresh, he wants to erase it.

Relationships With Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? WIP
Perceived by Strangers WIP
Perceived by Lover WIP
Perceived by Friends Yes
Perceived by Family No
First Impression Quiet, serious
Family/Friends Like Most? None
Family/Friends Like Least Father, uncle
Name Relation Feelings
Mnemosyne Mother Who cares about her!?
Bernardino Ongsee Father He'd better stop giving me those sh*t or else I'll show him.
Saturino Ongsee Uncle That faggot! I'll kick his *ss for all the bullsh*t he gave to me!!

Camp Life


Role Character Plays Camper/Demigod
Inspiration Behind Creation Myself
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship WIP
Current Active RP's WIP