☠ Claudine Carlyle ☠


Claudine "Claude" Carlyle -Daughter of Hades
-Mentally Dead
Age= 16     Height= 5'6     Weight= 129 lbs     
Sexuality= Bi-curious     Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= American
Species= Demigod     Main Weapon= Lyre

 – "So many people suffer from abuse, and suffer alone."

"Test." Hope
The Basics
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Childhood & Family Info
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Physical Appearance & Images

Physical Description

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Combat & Abilities

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General & Misc Info
By then she was dead. In fact, she may have been dead a while ago. Physically, several seconds ago, mentally, ages ago.

–Koushun Takami

General Personality

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Camp Life

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General Information

Habits & Traits

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Occupation & Self- Perception

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Favourites & Attitude

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You just have to fight for yourself; no one's going to save you. That's just life, right?

–Mitsuko Souma

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