1. The main difference between Aresto Momentum and the Freezing Charm or Immobulus is: the condition of the target upon the spell's activation. Aresto Momentum slows down the movement of an object or person. While the Freezing Charm immobilises the object or person completely. Hence, the target can still move, only slowed down, when Aresto Momentum is used. A target cannot move while the Freezing Charm is used. However, I found out Aresto Momentum can also put a target to a stop. How would I defend my answer? Simple, although this is only based on my observations. The Freezing Charm immobilises the target at an instant. While Aresto Momentum works in a two-step process: first, it slows down the target's movement, then immobilises it. Based on the hint, the Freezing Charm is less complex than Aresto Momentum. With a flick of a wand, the target will freeze. Its as easy as that. While in Aresto Momentum, your concentration must be balanced. The slowing motion may be fast at all, instead of actually slowing down the falling target.
  2. A charm either adds, subtracts or changes one or more properties on a target. On the other side, transfiguration focuses on altering the physical form or structure of a target. In extent, a charm also alters a target's function, like the Cheering Charm.


1. Cheering Charm

Bring a friend or two is a must for his Cheering Charm. He let him sit on a chair. Falkner, on the other hand, backed away across the room, readying his wand. He brought it out and pointed it at him. He concentrated on performing the Cheering Charm successfully. He felt the tinge in his arms and... a smile began to grow big in his friend's face. A few minutes later, giggles and chuckles can already be heard. And a few minutes more, he was already laughing hard and rolling on the floor. He might have overdone it, but it was great.

2. Attraction Charm

3. Freezing Charm

4. Impervius Charm



  • Physical Appearance: A basilisk has a very long and scaly green serpentine body, with piercing yellow eyes. Its length may reach up to a gigantic size of 50 feet. It also has a scarlet-colored plume, which is only present in the male gender of the basilisk.
  • Magical Abilities: Petrifying Eyes. Looking at a basilisk's eyes directly means certain death. However, the full effect of the eyes can be avoided through means of indirect sight like the water's reflection, camera lens, mirror and through a ghost's body. Through these, the victim may avoid death, but will be petrified. Ghosts are not affected by the full blast of a basilisk's glare. As they cannot die again, they will just get petrified. Phoenixes are not affected by the basilisk's stare and presumably, other non-human creatures.
  • Significance: A basilisk is is known wizard-killer, because