Preliminary Round:
"Scavenger's Hunt"

If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need only ask.

–Rowena Ravenclaw, from some other magical universe


  1. In-Character: A certain symbol of each cabin/god is hidden in a chest in a location at or near camp. Each demigod must obtain a symbol at a time limit of 1 week. Each cabin symbol is available for all participants (ex. Gaea's Globe to Zeus kid) to get.
  2. Out-of-Character:Each symbol is hidden on a "chest" under a pile of comments at different role-playing pages. Each one, when opened is linked to the symbol. Also, the very symbol's identity is unknown. This is also to ensure that users won't cheat. You, as user, must search every role-playing page to find the symbol. Once you have found it, roleplay your character finding it, then post the required fields below as proof.
  3. The number cut-off for the next round is 20 cabins.
  4. If the cut-off is achieved before the set time limit is reached, the round will be closed.
  5. So we hid the symbols on comments, which means that your roleplay will override the original RP. Don't hesitate, as the original RP hasn't been touched ever since >.<
  6. We know that the mechanics are hard to do, but it would not be called "Seek" for nothing.
  7. One more thing, you may find things not related to the symbols, which hardens the challenge. If you have a faint of heart, you are very unlucky if you open "that" one.




  1. Zeus' Master Bolt
  2. Poseidon's Trident
  3. Hades' Helm Of Darkness
  4. Statuette of Hera
  5. Statuette of Demeter
  6. Statuette of Hestia
  7. Stuffed Head of a Wild Boar
  8. Statuette of Athena Parthenos
  9. Apollo's Lyre
  10. Artemis' Silver Bow
  11. Hephaestus' Hammer
  12. Hermes' Caduceus
  13. Dionysus' Thyrsus
  14. Nike's Torch
  15. Hercules' Nemean Lion Fur Coat
  16. Statuette of Aiolia
  17. Boreas' Snowflake
  18. Notus' Compass (Pointing South)
  19. Zephyrus' Compass (Pointing West)
  20. Hypnos Bouquet of Poppies
  21. Morpheus' Staff of Dreams
  22. Prometheus' Pandora's Box
  23. Palaemon's Shark Tooth Necklace
  24. Hecate's Pentacle
  25. Aphrodite's Scallop
  26. Apate's Mask
  27. Aglaea's Mirror
  28. Themis' Scales
  29. Eris' Golden Apple
  30. Iris' Pot-o-Gold
  31. Hebe's Jar of Nectar
  32. Ariadne's Ball of String