Halloween Party 2016

The farther we've gotten from the magic and mystery of our past, the more we've come to need Halloween.

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood's Halloween party extravaganza! A new house has been magically constructed for a whole night of scary fun. Everyone is invited and you are all encouraged to wear costumes! Best-dressed campers will get a special prize from the gods themselves! So bring your A-game, okay?

Before you enter the house, grab a self-refilling red solo cup from the porch for 2 golden drachmas only! After that, you might want to go and party on the dance floor. If you don't feel like partying all night, however, you can head on down to the basement for some horror movies (with free unlimited popcorn, too!). If you want some fresh air, you can go and chill out in the backyard. There's a pool there and some kegs, and the air is chilly too. OH, and the sky's been magically charmed to make it rain candy every thirty minutes, as well.

After all this partying, if you feel like you're too drunk to go back to your cabins, or you're looking for some privacy....there are rooms on the second floor. However, to get a key, you need to grab it from your senior counselors.

Hopefully, everyone will enjoy this night and no one will get in trouble. May the gods bless us all!


A Word from the Camp Director...

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A Word from the Event Head...

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A Word from the Healers...

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This is the list of partygoers and their costumes!

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