• We all know the legend of Selene and Endymion, the latter was kept inside Mount Latmus where the moon titaness would visit him every night
  • Mount Latmus not only served as a resting place and rendezvous for the lovers; it was meant to keep anyone else from getting their hands on Endymion (including her own children) as Selene was rather protective of him
  • At one night, Pandia accompanied her mother to help her bathe Endymion
  • To prevent Pandia from seeing the shepherd, her vision was stripped away temporarily; however, upon touching Endymion, she fell in love instantly
  • On the days that followed, when her mother still hasn't come, Pandia would visit Endymion and merely gaze upon him, talking to him while he slept, and so on
  • On multiple occasions, she slept with him; two instances got her pregnant to two gods:
  • Her first-born to Endymion was Imiselinos, who became the god of the crescent moon; Selene didn't discover the truth and only knew that Imiselinos was Pandia's son with a minor god
  • She wasn't lucky with the second child, because she was caught by Selene on her way out from the cave
  • Pandia fled from her mother for several months after finding out that she was pregnant with Endymion; she sought refuge on the island of Delos to give birth to her second son, Melapsos, who was born on a new moon when Selene cannot see her fully; Melapsos then became the god of the new moon
  • Unfortunately, morning soon came, and Helios found Pandia with her newly-born child; he let the first incident slip off but this time, he didn't hesitate any further and told Selene of the news
  • Selene was furious and confronted Pandia; as punishment, she cursed Melapsos with lunacy on every new moon--a reminder of the titaness' fury on the birth of her unwanted grandson
  • After the incident, Pandia brought Imiselinos and Melapsos to Olympus where they would be safe from Selene's wrath
  • By the time the sibling gods have already grown up, Selene has already found out that Imiselinos was Pandia and Endymion's child as well
  • In a furious rage, Imiselinos was killed WIP idk anymore