Limos' Cabin


Limos' cabin is a two-story adobe building, with wooden beams and supports. The outside vicinity of the cabin looks like it has been wrecked with drought, with no plant life growing. The front door, which is overshadowed by a wooden awning, is flanked by two desert animal skulls that act as lamps. At the door is a window-sized sign that warns those who enter to not bring any food/drink with them, as they cannot enter if they have.

The inside is similar to a large abandoned tavern, with a parquet floor and a mezzanine held up by wooden beams overlooking it. Long benches and the tables are stretched across with an empty bar at the far end. Beside the stairs to the left is a large statue of Limos with a stomach revealing nothing but a hollow void. Dim torches are fastened all over the walls. At the opposite side is a door leading towards the cabin's basement, which is a replica of the Auschwitz starvation chambers, and is used for anyone who would commit suicide by starvation.

By taking the stairs of the mezzanine leads you to the second floor, where empty wooden crates and kegs are littered all over. The same torches are also fastened along the walls. At the center is a long hallway containing numerous doors. These doors leads to the residents' bedrooms and very door has a name tag on it, with a random quote related to hunger at the bottom.







Campers Not Year Round

Former Members of the Cabin

Left Camp







3 Months After Character is Made

6 Months After Character is Made

9 Months After Character is Made




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