General Idea

  1. So its near Halloween, and Melinoe's up and ready to make the event memorable for the demigods of Camp Half-Blood. With the demigods living in the highly modernized world, she devises seven horrific adventures for those who are absolutely not a faint of heart.
  2. It's mechanics are basically like the Roleplay Adventure Group Contest. However, this is a time attack with consequences when not finished.

Seven Horrors

Drag Me to Hell

Plot: Demigods outside of camp are ending up dead the past few days, and the only lead the demigods have are a letter of warning and a mysterious button, which appears to be cursed. The curse is that it torments those who touch it in an escalating manner for three days, where they are finally dragged to the Underworld. The curse passes itself to the demigods, and they must find a way to lift it off of them.

Behind the Scenes: The cursed button was created by Hades many years ago out of jealousy over a woman. He gave it to her to curse every children she bore, and was eventually passed down to other families. But he soon calmed down, and finally forgot that the button still exists.

  • Good Ending: The curse is lifted off, and the button destroyed once and for all.
  • Bad Ending: The curse causes the demigods to be dragged to hell, killing them. The button then remains in the world, waiting for future victims.

The Conjuring

Plot: Stranded in a rainstorm, you take refuge in a dilapidated farm house located in a remote location far away from camp. Ever since you move in, various paranormal events occur, and you hear rumors from the local villagers that a spirit of an elderly woman lives within the house, who was actually an accused witch. Back then, she cursed anyone trespassing in her land, and will kill them eventually. Anyone stepping in her property becomes tied to the house, and cannot escape unless they tame her spirit.

Behind the Scenes: The accused witch, a once demigod daughter of Hecate, became extremely unstable mentally when she performed dangerous magic. In the process, she killed her own children. With her not knowing it, she blames it to the townspeople, and curses her land.

  • Good Ending: The spirit crosses over, and the curse lifted off the lot and house.
  • Bad Ending: The spirit possesses the demigods, and locks them deep within the house as her "special guests".