December 2012


January 2013

At the dawn of this new year,

There is one thing I still fear:

Will this time of my life worthy of a cheer,

Or a time where my soul is still not clear?

My life was never near sweet,

I was always put under other's feet,

My life was forced to enjoy no heat,

Nor to cherish the tunes of those upbeat.

My sole family put me through damnation,

Put me through negation,

Put me through no salvation,

Even put me through exploitation.

My friend was no freedom,

Nor my ally was my own kingdom.

I have no happy home nor everyday was my saintdom,

Just my little world, punished by whoredom.

However, however with all my heart,

That hope will be my year's start.

I'll never look back nor let myself be a weak part.

To this small world, I impart:

I'll look forward for a better life,

More on joy, less on strife.

This year, I'll never be the lowlife,

And take happiness as my wife.

To those who didn't give a damn about me,

To those who never set me free,

I tell you that I will never flee,

I will never look in this world just as to see,

An endless black field: my life as a sea.