Possible Names:

Can't choose now, but hopefully I can come up with something from these choices (all are Biblical names/places/books, meanings in parentheses). Those in bold letters are more likely to be chosen, and those in both italic and bold are most likely... for now.

  1. Abraham (father of a great multitude)
  2. Elijah (God the Lord)
  3. Emmanuel (God with us)
  4. Hosea (savior)
  5. Genesis (beginning)
  6. Jeremiah (exaltation of the Lord)
  7. Jericho (city of the moon)
  8. Jethro (his excellence)
  9. Jonah (a dove; he who oppresses; the destroyer)
  10. Josiah (the fire of the Lord)
  11. Micaiah (who is like God)
  12. Noah (repose)
  13. Peter (rock)
  14. Philemon (loving)
  15. Samson (his sun; his service)
  16. Simeon (that hears or obeys)
  17. Solomon (peaceable)
  18. Stephen (crown)
  19. Tobiah (the Lord is good)
  20. Zechariah (memory of the Lord)




Model: Ruru Madrid


Anything Else



I may forget something...

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