The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Audie,

I, your mother, have a disturbing news that you must hear out. You see, I have kept a real fountain of youth, which is the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Its pristine waters give a surge of energy to those who drink, or even swim, in it. However, Geras, my opposite number, is causing trouble once again. He has cursed the fountain to inflict sickness and age to the patrons at an alarming rate. Now, I want you to counter the curse, seeing that you have experience and power far greater than your siblings. It should only take a lot of energy, prayers, and drachmas to undo it, but I assure you that you will help a lot of people by doing so. I have asked Iris to lend you a few bags of drachmas from my savings, and you have to pick them up in Florence, just outside the Palazzo Mozzi (she is experiencing delivery problems in Rome at the moment). As soon as you turn things back to normal, the fountain will lose its blessing by my command, and will be transferred to a new location, far from Geras' prying old eyes. I wish you and your friends good luck.


General Overview

Geras has cursed Hebe's fountain of youth, the Trevi Fountain, to cause sickness and aging to those who drink and swim in it. Hebe commands Audie to undo the curse by blessing it with his powers, coupled with a shower of drachmas and prayers. Having stayed and trained at camp for about 3 years now, she has chosen him to conduct the quest. As soon as he undoes the curse, Hebe will transfer the power of the fountain to a new, yet unknown, location elsewhere, as a preventive measure against Geras.

Locations and Info:

  1. Camp Half-Blood Gates: The questers gather here before leaving.
  2. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK): They board a plane bound for Florence, Italy.
  3. Florence Airport, Peretola: The plane lands here, located very close to the actual city. As soon as they leave to board a bus for Florence, they are attacked by three laestrygonian giants.
  4. Palazzo Mozzi: They will meet up with a cloud nymph, servant of Iris, and she gives them the bags of drachmas. As they make their way back to the Florence Airport in Peretola (bound for Rome), they are chased down by myrmekes (about 5 to 7) who are attracted by the hefty sum of golden loot.
  5. Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport: Their plane lands here, some miles southwest of Rome. They board a bus for Rome.
  6. Trastevere District, Rome: On their way to the Trevi Fountain, they are tricked by the bandit Procrustes, into dining with him. He is sent by Geras to prevent Audie and others reach the fountain, and kill them under the guise of his hospitality.
  7. Trevi Fountain, Trevi District, Rome: Finally, Audie, with the help of his co-questers, undoes the curse done by Geras.


In an attempt to counter the curse, Audie accidentally falls over the fountain while it is still impure, and he ages not only physically but also mentally. However, he still continues the quest, but soon finds out that his aging is irreversible as he drank too much of the cursed water for it to be even lifted from his body.


  1. Audie Clarke (Son of Hebe, Leader)